Kontroler PLC pojedynczej lampy z komunikacją PLC+RF

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Light Control Module LCM
Light Control Module (LCM) installed inside each lamp or a streetlight pole can be used to carry out controlling actions per instructions
from a concentrator and send back operation results or status to the concentrator via power line communication. Each LCM has a PLC
module inside.

Carry out controlling actions per instruction from a concentrator and send back operation result or status to the concentrator via power line communication

1.For PLC carrier communication between concentrator and power lines
2.Using RF can made bridges beteen 2 different power lines still to be controlled by same concentrator.( 466MHz,range up to 300m but use to 100m maximum to avoid mistakes )
3.Carry out on/off switching, dimming and alert alarm.
4.Flexible design and fit for street light poles
5.Real time control with on/off, dimming control and faulty alert.

Functions and Features

1. Switch on/off street lamps
2. PWM or DC voltage of 0-10V output to adjust lamps brightness
3. Collect environmental temperature and humidity
4. Collect values of current and voltage to calculate power factor
5. Power over/under-voltage and lamp abnormal/faulty alarm
6. Operating temperature ( -40*C +85*C )
7. IP65 waterproof standard
8. Warranty 5 years
9. Power consumption 1W

PLC-0003 Light Control Module is one of the most important components in Smart Streetlight Control System
using advanced Power Line Communication (PLC) technology. Its professional hardware and software
design makes the module highly reliable, easy implementing (avoiding extrawiring), and easy maintaining.
It has been widespread used in a large number of energy saving streetlight projects all over the world.
PLC-0003 has a built-in PLC module receiving control instructions from remote concentrators and sending
back relevant data and information through the power lines. It is embedded with a